Backyard Adventure and Backyard Book Fair

August 17th, 2024

Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA

Join us at the Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA, Tulsa, Oklahoma for two great events in one night. This night includes camp dinner for all registered participants. Participants and spectators are welcome to spend the night with us at H&K YMCA. Do one or if you are brave enough do both!

Backyard Adventure Race

The Backyard Adventure Race is a “5k-ish“ race at Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA. You will use a map and clues to find your next camp experience, complete the challenge, then go to the next camp experience. Do it solo or with a friend or family group.

Check out some of the camp experiences available at the Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA at Outdoor Experiences to see what you might encounter on race day. Even better, attend one of the classes for a bit of practice!

Since this is a true adventure we will not provide a course map or description of the challenges until the start of the race. The course will be well marked and the camp adventures will be suitable for all ages & abilities. There is no time limit on this race - other than dinner is served 7:30-8:30pm…

There are separate award categories for individuals, teams, and family teams (all members of the same family).

Backyard Book Fair

The Backyard Book Fair is an overnight scavenger hunt at Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA. You will follow poorly drawn maps with badly written clues to find books hidden at Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA and Turkey Mountain. The race starts at sunset and ends at sunrise.

If you are familiar with the famous Barkley marathon and you have always wanted to experience a bit of what it is like, then this event is for you. The experience of Turkey Mountain in the dark is truly unique. The new trails at Turkey Mountain may or may not help you navigate the Backyard Book Fair.

Everyone must run with a group of two or more. Expect to run/walk/hike 15-20 miles to find all the books (assuming you can find them all). Winners are the first group back that found all of the books. First loser is the group that gives up first and returns to the camp ground.

Note: Don’t be surprised if there is one or more camp experiences as part of this race. It’s possible you will get wet or dirty - or maybe both.

Backyard Book Fair on Bikes

This year the Backyard Book Fair includes categories for people on bikes. Bike riders will follow the same rules as runners (2+ people per team, team members stay within 50 feet of each other, etc.).

Winning team is the first to find all of the books hidden on (and near) Turkey Mountain. There are separate categories for Families (all related) and Friends. You will search for the same books as the runners (probably).

Photo credit: Claremore Mountain Bike Trails FB group.

Camp Cookout

Registration for either race includes a camp cooked meal. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and typical camp / picnic sides will be available. We will have the campfire burning at Hailey’s Chapel for smores, music, and ghost stories. (weather permitting)



Our aid stations are manned by the best volunteers in the area. Most are trail and ultra runners themselves and anticipate your every need - even before you know you need it.

Tulsa's Backyard races wouldn't be possible without the help of great volunteers. Sign up for a shift at our Volunteer Signup website. Don't worry if you are new to the volunteer scene. You'll be working alongside and learning from the best of the best.

We have shifts available Saturday (course marking) and all day Sunday. We have shifts that are good for families. We have shifts that are good for sitting in the woods alone to ponder the meaning of life.

To show our appreciation each volunteer will receive a 30% discount coupon from RunnersWorld Tulsa in addition to the hours of unmatched fun in the woods.

A small sample of our world famous aid station treats.

Herman and Kate Kaiser YMCA

Tulsa’s Backyard is a place for members and guests to grow and share with each other, connecting all that enter with the joy that is found through nature and community

The Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA is a unique 35-acre gem in west Tulsa. It is home to the largest outdoor pool in the area with a two-story slide and zipline across the water! A newly renovated gymnasium for youth and adult sports leagues, an outdoor covered sports court, and multiple event and gathering spaces around Lake Logan including Hailey Chapel.

The Herman & Kate Kaiser YMCA offers an array of group exercise classes, cardio and strength experience for all levels of fitness, outdoor fitness challenges, and access to Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness along with day camps and overnight experiences for the entire family.

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